Jackie's Dog Grooming

The most important element in determining the quality of pet grooming is the experience and artistry of the groomer. Jackie's Dog Grooming offers three of the most experienced and talented groomers in Manteca. Each of our groomers has ample experience in professional grooming. While each person tends to specialize in a breed or size, they each groom all breeds of dogs and cats with superior ability.

Karen -Dog Specialist
Karen has been a professional groomer for over 13 years. She has owned both dogs and cats her entire life, and she has a sincere and earnest affection for all animals, which is communicated in all her actions. Her warmth is felt by the animal almost instantly and allows Karen to bring out the very best features of a pet's personality and breed. She enjoys a wide and enthusiastic clientele.

Heather-Dog & Cat Specialist
Heather has been a professional groomer for over 12 years. She has owned both cats and dogs her entire life and often takes in homeless animals.
Her caring treatment and knowledge of fine scissoring techniques shines through in every pet.
Heather is highly motivated to provide your pet with her expertise.

Dana - Cat Specialist and Dog Specialist ( owner of the business )
Dana is our resident cat specialist. For over 20 years, she has established and maintained a practice centered on all breeds of cats to keep them clean and mat-free. Grooming a cat can be very stressful for
your pet. Dana is highly gentle and affectionate; therefore, older and special cats do particularly well in her care. She also maintains The Kitty Kottage - our cat bording faculity

Grooming at Jackie's is generally by appointment. Pets are dropped off between 8 am and 2pm. We estimate your pick-up time when you drop off and almost always accommodate your schedule. You may pick up as late as 6 pm.  We usually keep the pet between 3 or 4 hours, but we will call you as soon as they are ready to come home.
Our days of opperation are Tuesdays - Saturdays ususaly 8am to 5pm.
We also offer later appointments on Thursdays only.

We never put your pet  in an enclosed cage for drying, we feel this could be dangerous for any pet. At Jackie's, we always have your baby's saftey and best interests in mind, after all, that is where all of our hearts are - for the animals!